What Is A Computer?

A computer is an electronic device. At this point, being an electronic device is not enough. So what is the adequate answer?

A device that is a combination of hardware and software is called a computer. Then what is hardware?


Touch tools are hardware.

(1) Input Devices

(a) Keyboard

(b) Mouse

(c) Scanner

(2) Output devices

(a) Monitor

(b) Printer

(3) Main Memory (RAM)

(4) Secondary Memory

(a) Hard disk

(b) DVD / CD ROM

(5) CPU

(6) Bas that transports them to each other.


Software is something that works with intangible programs (instructions).

For example:

(1) Photoshop

(2) Microsoft Office.

Compare hardware to software

Hardware is like a worker and software is like a professional.

Hardware only has memory and no intelligence. The software has intelligence.

For example:

Suppose you add 1 and 2, they do not add up like this.

Only positive + can be added

Wouldn’t the answer be equal to the equation sign?

1 + 2 = 3

1 and 2 are hardware and there is no ingenuity to integrate, so the software + plus is positive. Result 3 will be recorded by the hardware.

By now you hope you understand the difference between hardware and software.