Printer Types

There are several types of printers:

(1) Line printers

(2) Inkjet printers and

(3) Laser printers.

There are other types of printers as well. Line printers were used in the early days of IT, but are no longer in use. Only inkjet printers and laser printers are commonly used. According to the current situation, 3D printers may soon become popular.

Inkjet printers are color printers. It is expensive and very useful. From plain paper to photo paper; Various paper sizes; You can type Some inkjet printers print on the surface of CDs and DVDs. You can see that it can be printed; One of the disadvantages of inkjet printers is the slow print speed. There are two types of laser printers: B / W and color laser printers. One of the advantages of laser printers is that they can print quickly. From plain paper to photo paper; Various paper sizes; There are also 3 in 1 printers that can be used for all kinds of printing, copying, and scanning.

One of the most popular printers today is the network printer. It is usually used where there are many users; It can be used in conjunction with a network. Users do not have a direct connection to their computer or printer; You can send and type whatever you want via the network. Network printers are not just for printing. There are also types of copying and scanning available. Network printers compatible with Windows Active Directory can also send a scanned document to a file server within the network. For network printers that do not have a print server, you need to use it with a print server on your network.

If you use a network printer on a wireless network, Not only can it significantly affect the performance of this wireless network, Sometimes it can be completely out of print.