If Windows 7 Does Not Sound

Today I’m going to share some tips on how to fix the noise in Windows 7. Let me explain in three ways. I would like to give you as many practical and helpful answers to my questions as possible about not being able to answer them right away.

After installing Windows 7, I will first explain how to fix the problem with Windows Update. It is easy and you do not need to do anything. Once Windows Update is installed, you will need to download and install the required Sound Driver. Just update Windows.

Though, it went below-set levels. Alternatively, the motherboard number requires Google on our device. Sound Driver explains how to find and use the method. First of all, under what motherboard to see how the number shown in photos, as shown above. If their number Motherboard cared Google about Mother Number Audio Driver Type. So when your audio device Audio Driver to find another way. I think it will solve the solution using the Realtek Driver. This is very useful how to make difficult Audio column and they will be a convenient device when installed.

First, go to, then click on HD Audio Codec Driver as shown below, then check I accept the above and click Next. Then select your Windows version and download it. Once you have the Realtek driver installed, install it on your computer and your audio problems will be fixed. Here’s how to do it.
At this point, I think Windows 7 will be fine with no sound.