Battery Life Of Modern Laptops

I wrote about the battery life of laptops about two years ago. Another reason to rewrite it is that laptops have changed in appearance and processor upgrades. It is not yet possible to get rid of laptops when it comes to carrying mobile phones and tablets with you wherever you like and carrying them around.

Laptop replacement has not yet appeared, but it is now known as a convertible laptop. People are addicted to tablets and can use them as tablets. And computers that can be used as laptops. Its advantage is that you can remove the keyboard and use it lightly. Touch screen On some computers, you can write using a stylus. Better battery life than regular laptops. So what is the weakness? Laptops, however, have lost the power to connect to home lighting.

Not just laptops. I always tell mobile phones and tablets to think about the possibility of getting a new battery (as needed) on devices that are completely battery-dependent. Keep the tablet. If you have a mobile phone with a dead battery, you can remove and replace it yourself. Priority should be given to phones that have easy access to batteries. I’m based on this principle no matter what smartphone I buy. So, tablets, tablets that come with a dead battery. Don’t use laptops that can only be replaced if the company is responsible for the battery? It can be used. But a battery is a perishable thing. Used properly, it can be used for 2 years. Theoretically, it is true that it lasts for two years, but fate does not see it. Unfortunately, about a year later, the battery was dead. Shop for sale Will the importing company take responsibility for the order? How long will it take to order? You have to think about these.

I want to say the right thing. Most shops in Myanmar are for sale. In less than a year, I had to buy a new battery because of poor battery life. Even after claiming to have a service center backed by the original company, it took about three fights to get a new battery. Where do you go when you buy a product with a one-year full warranty? Some stores that sell branded products do not have an international warranty to reduce costs. When there is an international warranty, the original company has the advantage of taking full responsibility for the spare parts for two years.

Local warranty is the replacement of spare parts for each of the ten components. All right. What if two of the nine computers sold were motherboards failing in less than a year? Should one get a new one and throw away the laptop? Hehe … why are you telling so many truths? Because I love the truth. Because I love transparency. We do not want to pass on the legacy of lying to others. So when buying a new laptop, buy one at a store or company that will take full responsibility for the battery. Do not just look at the cheap.

Here are the things to look for when selecting yours. After the purchase, you have to work hard to maintain it. To last at least two years. A warranty is a replacement for a defective item. If you make a mistake, you have a warranty, but you do not take any responsibility for it. About Windows Battery Laptops It can provide a detailed report on battery usage. Most people are not aware of this. If you know the battery health status in advance, you can take action as needed.

Double-click Windows (Keyboard logo) and R to generate a battery report. Type cmd in the field that appears and press Enter. This is called a command-line system. When you see a command prompt blinking on the black screen, type power cgs/battery report and press enter. Then go to C: \ Users \ your name folder (document folder with your name under user name). Double-click on the battery-report.html file to find it. The full browser will open with the full information.

Windows can also generate full energy reports. He is more detailed. More professional. If you are familiar with computer science, use it. Click the start menu to generate this report. Look for the command prompt in the box that appears. If you find it, right-click on it. In the popup menu, select Run as admin. When you see a black, blinking cursor on the screen, type power of energy. Then open the word and type. Or turn on the media player and listen to the music for a minute. Then go to C: \ Windows \ System 32 and find energy-report.htmL. Then drag and drop it onto the desktop. Left-click to read the message that appears in the browser. This report is useful for diagnosing battery issues.

Well-known laptop manufacturers often include branded battery tools. But ordinary laptops do not usually have this tool. We will use free battery tools developed by third parties. First, we will use a battery Info view. You can download it for free from He is quite comprehensive in providing information. What percentage of battery is charged? How damaged is the battery? In addition to battery design information, it also provides detailed information on whether the battery can be fully charged. Much of the information depends on the type of laptop you are using.

BatteryCare is also a free app. You can download it for free from It installs an icon in the notification area after installation. When you look for hidden icons, you will see their icon in the box. If you hover the mouse cursor over the icon, what percentage of battery is left? Here’s how much more time you can use. Click on this icon to go to the Windows power plan in the control panel. You can switch from high performance to plans as Power-save. Click Battery Care to see more complete battery information in the app window.

This is the battery information section. You should know that lithium-ion batteries have a limited charge frequency. It can be charged at least 300 times, and most Macs can charge up to 1,000 times. Experts do not recommend that you always charge your battery to 100%. Use between 30-90 is guaranteed to expire. The computer has 30 batteries left. Do not use if the power goes out after 50 hours of charging. When the power comes back on, continue to charge and use it until it reaches 90. Charging from the lowest to the highest 1 Cycle (once charged).