How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Nails

There is a Burmese proverb that says one fake is one thousand and one is real. Yes. Once the real thing is famous, many fakes will appear. Fake and real, no fake is better than the real. Our home-based business is a very competitive world. The markets are Red Ocean and Blue Ocean, and our home improvement world is Red Ocean. Red Ocean is a highly competitive and competitive market. Our home improvement business is also competitively priced. It is a highly competitive market for services.

There are imported iron rods directly in the market. There are two types of local steel rods produced here in the industrial zone. The real problem with fake iron rods is that foreign brand steel rods are being sold in the local factory under the same brand name on the industrial steel rods and sold on the market as Aw Than Chaung. This branded rebar is cheaper than the real HRB-400 and HRB-500.

It is more expensive than local production. In fact, the re-branded irons are locally made. This is especially true for customers who buy counterfeit products. So a question arises. “How do we differentiate between the real and the fake?” Yes. If you have a sore throat, you may need medication. Let me show you how to do this.

Let me tell you the easiest way. Here are six key pointers in moving forward:

(1) Swelling

I think you are familiar with the balloons that are next to the nails. Counterfeit nails tend to be larger than the original nails.

(2) Different font

The fonts written on the vocal cords are different from the fonts printed here. The calligraphy of the shouting sticks is cleaner and the fake calligraphy is rough.

(3) Chemical Composition

The colors of the nails are white. This is due to an incorrect chemical composition. In addition, the raw material of the forged iron is not made from the raw material like the raw material of the iron rods, but is made from scrap metal.
As a result, it will be very different in terms of fitness.

(4) Fitness

Artificial rods are extremely weak in strength. As mentioned above, it is made of scrap metal, so it is weak in terms of durability. In addition, the strength of each rod varies from one rod to another.

(5) Bundle

The tops of the bundles of artificial nails are usually flat. Buzzers do not match bundles.

(6) Color

The color of the rods can be iron-brown or dark blue. It has to be imported and comes with bulk ship shipments, so it can withstand a lot of water, wind and rust.

But artificial nails are beautiful in color. It does not contain rust. By looking at these six points, you can tell the difference between fake and real nails.