Adjusting Computer When It Is Too Slow To Use

What if your computer is too heavy to use and too little? It is intended for end-users who do not know much about computers. Shown with Windows 10. You can try it yourself.

(1) As soon as we start Windows, some applications are running in the background. Because they are running and consuming computer resources, rams, CPUs, etc., you have to give them away unnecessarily. So it is a good idea to turn off such applications without your knowledge. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously on the keyboard and the task manager will open. Under Startup, you will find application names. Right click> disable any unwanted applications and close them.

(2) In the task manager you just opened, go to Process and you can see which application is running how much RAM, and how much CPU. You can turn it off when you don’t need it. Sometimes you can close it by right click> end task if your browser or excel hangs sometimes. Clicking on a hanger makes it hang more. Do not use more than 80% of CPU and RAM. If you continue to use 8090, it can be heavy. It is better to turn it off and use only what you need.

(3) If your computer is too heavy, one thing to keep in mind is whether there are too many programs installed unnecessarily. Sometimes computer shops install a lot of software. Some we do not need. If you have installed it unnecessarily, you should uninstall it. Press the Windows key and R together. Type Appwiz.Cpl in the box that appears and hit enter. You will now see all the software installed on your computer. Right click> uninstall

(4) Software is auto-updating on our computers. Windows will do the same, Firefox and Chrome will do the same thing. With the Ph bill, the bill is gone. It’s good to update yourself. The software is different from each other, so turn off the update and look in the settings. In Firefox, go to settings and type update in the search box, and select never check for updates. For Chrome, the next step is to integrate it all at once.

(5) There are windows application services running on your computer. You can turn them off if you do not need them. Type Windows key + R and type MSConfig, then go to services in the box that appears. At the bottom of the box, check to hide all Microsoft services so that windows services will disappear and only application services will be left. Windows services should not be shut down unknowingly. The next step is to tell you which windows services to turn off. In the remaining application services, uncheck what you do not need and click OK. There will be two lines: google update service. If you turn it off, google chrome will not update.

(6) Windows search index is a service that pre-compiles files to make them appear faster when searching for files in Windows. So that you can quickly find out what’s where when you search. But the computer has to do more work because it is always searching and organizing like it. It should be turned off if not needed. Step 5: Uncheck hide all Microsoft services and uncheck windows search.

(7) You also need to clean your hard disk. To delete unnecessary files, call windows key + R> temp,% temp%, recent, and delete the files that appear. Do not delete the Prefetch folder too often. Next, you need to rearrange the files to make the hard disk read faster. Open My Computer and click on C: drive> right click> tools> optimize. Then select the C: drive and optimize it. D: E: Do it too. This should not be done every day, once a month is good enough. It takes a little longer to do this, so it is better not to use it while you are doing it.

(8) If you use it sometimes, you should restart it if you use it for a while. Just restarting at lunchtime can significantly slow down your computer to a certain extent

(9) Do the above and do the same thing. The more Windows you use, the heavier it gets. If the purchase is heavy, see CPU usage ram usage in task manager. If it is always full, you should consider upgrading it as it is not compatible with your current computer…. If he is asked to do more than he can do, it will be a bow.
All is well.