How To Learn Programming?

For those who are interested in programming but do not know where to start, wikiHow translates the article as appropriate.

Decide your goal

I just titled it, Programmer. There are many lines to choose from.

1.  Web or not?

2. Software?

3. Desktop Application?

4. There are many options, such as system or not.

5. Do you want to be a robot inventor?

6. Do you want to do 6.OS?

7. Do you want to make a phone application?

You must first select a specific path, such as whether you want to run a web application or not.

Only then will you be able to achieve your goals.

Choose a programming language

Even if you are studying Web Programming, there are still many languages, such as PHP, Java, C ++, .Net, etc. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. You will reach a place. So you need to choose the path you want to take and set a clear goal.

Fall in Love in mathematics

Once you work on a computer, you can no longer love math. Mathematical series such as Fibonacci, Floyd triangle, Fourier Series, etc. need to be exposed. It is also best to practice math quizzes whenever you feel like it. Deciding to become a programmer is like accepting a mathematical lover.

Be self-motivated

Rome was not built in a day.

How can you say you can start today and finish tomorrow? You need to know this and always motivate yourself. You have to be motivated. You have to have faith.

Take your time

The downside of unsuccessful programmers is that they do not have time. Even if you find an error, you may not be able to find the time to fix it. Not only is there no good idea, but there are many mistakes. Problem Solving is like a subject in programming. A programmer can become a problem solver not only when writing code, but also in real life. So you need to take the time to do it.

Never Back Down

Programming is not difficult.

But it can be confusing. It is not suitable for impatient people. Patience is a habit that everyone can practice. If you stop saying this is not good for me, If you pull back, you’re gone. Life in the middle of nowhere is worse. So it’s the premise of a programmer to persevere and not give up.

Become a master

It takes at least two years to become a teacher in a programming language. The result of just one year of hard work is that you have not yet reached the level of being able to enter the workforce and become an expert. Can I still say that I lost my glue in 2 years? It will only take 4 years. Programs ordered by others; Just write the code and create your own project. If you can not create applications, you can not be a master programmer.

Be a bookworm

A good programmer is also a jaguar. You must always be strong in your diet. Even in writing, not only programming but also knowledge,၊ You must always be interested in reading the full story. This is not a must. Optional. However, it is recommended that you become a good programmer and a good reader.

Invest in Training Centers

It is no longer convenient to study alone.

If it is not easy to know some technical details, I would suggest you attend the training.

Self-study alone has its limitations. Training is not the only education. Projects of senior programmers; Activities It also involves learning skills. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good training center if you are going to study alone.

To be a programmer, Education You do not have to have a bachelor’s degree. If you have math skills and want to be a programmer, you can become a programmer.