Computer Server

I think few people know exactly what a computer server is. Computers don’t need much to say, everyone knows. The server is used today for school, Office University The hospital has started to use everything. Because using a computer is no longer the only thing. As more and more computers are being used everywhere, they need to be able to connect to each other.

So the server came into being. You need to know the purpose of the server.

People in the department and at work are heard saying, “The server is down,” “The server could not be connected.”

Similarly, if you are using a computer or internet device, you will often come across the words “The server is down” and “Cannot establish a connection to server”.

There are two reasons for this.

It could also be a computer. Many computers will be connected. This can happen if you are using more than you need.

It could also be due to the client/server programming model.

Features of a computer server: You need to add powerful RAM or memory. Once the server is set up, you will be connected to each computer, so you need to be able to run at high speeds. Therefore, you need to be able to add more RAM.

Processor speed must also be sufficient

Low processor performance slows down performance and weakens other connectivity. Therefore, the processor of the computer that will be your server needs to be strong.

Hard disks also need high storage capacity

Because it is a server, data will come and go. The more computers you connect to, the more space you need to store more data. Therefore, you should arrange for large amounts of storage.

You need a good cooling fan system.

It will be open all day and all night. Because you are connected to a lot of computers, the temperature will rise more or less. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good cooling system inside the server and a well-ventilated place. Most of the time, the hardware installed on the server needs to be of a high standard and guaranteed. Good hardware can help control overheating and reduce damage.

You need to use an effective operating system (OS)

The OS used on the server is important. It needs to be compatible with the entire department and compatible with almost any operating system. Linux is internationally recognized as the best server operating system available.

The hardware used on the server must be guaranteed

The server stopped. You can not turn it off. If the hardware stops working, everyone will be in trouble. It’s even more important because all the business depends on him. So you have to have good hardware. Be careful not to overuse it.

Keep a good power supply

You must have a device called a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) that can continue to operate in the event of a power outage. The UPS may also need to be connected to an inverter. Power outage; Must be able to withstand sharp cuts well.

Server types

Application servers, Database server, File server, FTP servers, Game server, Mail server, Network server, Home server, Fax server, Name server, Print server, Proxy server, Stand-alone server, Virtual servers, Sound server, Web server, Real-time communication servers (chat servers)