Basic Software Knowledge For Beginners

Computer software is a product developed by a software engineer. It is a combination of program and document. When you buy software, it contains documents and programs. For example, even if we buy a calculator, we may notice that it comes with a catalog with a calculator.

There are two main types of software.

1. Operating System Software (OS)

2. Application Software

Most people know the operating system as a window. This is due in large part to the success of the Microsoft platform. There are other operating systems on the Linux platform (Fedora, Ubuntu..etc), Solaris, and Macintosh (OS X). There are two types of operating systems. DOS (Desktop Operating System eg; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu). And operating systems such as NOS (Network Operating System eg; Windows 2003 Server).

Application software

Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. that we use is application software. Web applications are now challenging many areas of desktop applications. Google has also developed a mail application system such as Outlook Express that eliminates the need for web applications. The benefit is that you can use web applications as long as you have a browser. Unlike other applications, you don’t have to think about hardware, you don’t have to think about OS types for installation. No need to worry about running Windows and not running Linux.

The software can be roughly divided into two roles: Dual Role

1. As a Product

2. As a vehicle used to deliver the product.

As a Product is a software that we get written in any language, the product software we want.

As a vehicle used to deliver the product, we need to get the software we want, which operating system software (either on the Windows platform or the Linux platform) in any language (either Java or C # .net).

In addition, software development comes with two purposes.

1. Generic products?

2. Is it customized products?

Generic products

The operating systems we use are generic products designed to reach the market for everyone to use. Microsoft word is designed for everyone to use. Because of this, the customer may not have the software to suit his needs in his process. It is not intended for general use but is intended for general use, so it may not be suitable for everyone, but it can be used by anyone.

Customized Software As mentioned above, when a customer is not compatible with public services such as MS Word or Excel, he or she may need specific software for his or her business. In places like City mart, for example, their business is not always compatible with MS Word, Excel, so they use specialized software for their business. Customized software can be written to tailor a particular customer to their specific customer needs.