About Computer Battery ( AC/DC )

For those who are not looking for basic knowledge but are looking for common knowledge.

What you need to know about electricity.

Here are some common misconceptions about battery usage.

There are two types of electricity

1. AC electricity

2. DC electricity

1. AC means alternating current.

2. DC means direct current.

Let me explain: The reverse current of an AC power supply, for example, is marked as red and black on a wire. The red symbol is defined as a positive (negative). The black symbol is defined as negative (female).

Despite the limitation, the reverse current of the AC current occurs 50 to 60 times per second on the red wire (male to female, male to a female). This occurrence is referred to as 50Hz 60Hz.

On the black side of the wire, the occurrence of 50 to 60 times per second is called reverse current.

Red string + _ + _ + _ + _ + _ + _

Black string _ + _ + _ + _ + _ + _ +

In the above symbol, the alternating current between the positive wire at the upper wire and the negative wire at the lower wire while the upper wire is negative is called AC voltage.

In other words, the power supplied by an engine (Dinamo) and an inverter is called AC AC. DC power, which is a direct current flowing through a battery, is called DC power. The power generated by the current solar panel is also DC power.

DC power is negative on one side and positive on the other side.

The DC / AC current flows through gold, silver, zinc, lead, iron, copper, water, etc., and the wet area is covered with green bamboo. The best source of electricity is gold. The higher the voltage, the higher the current. If the voltage is low, it will not be able to drive far.

1. Voltage = current

2. Ampere = voltage

3. Watt = power consumption

These specifications are important when measuring the amount of electricity.

The electricity standard is 220 volts AC. If any electrical device exceeds 220 volts, the appliance may be damaged.

Some electronics are designed to withstand 220V to 240V260V so it is important to be selective when purchasing. In some places, it is known as 11,000 VK 11,000 kV. This voltage is reduced by a transformer and distributed to 220 V for use in TVs, heaters, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The charging voltage must be slightly higher than the rechargeable battery voltage. For example, a 12-volt battery needs to be recharged with 14 volts. The output voltage of the solar panel is 18 to 20 volts.

B. DC power must be recharged with DC power only.

C. DC power cannot be charged with AC power.

D. It is only after using the “DC” converter from AC that the DCs become interconnected and become synonymous, so it will be energized.

E. If the DC power supply is the same as the DC power supply, the DC power supply will be the same if the 12V voltage is the same.

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Then the battery has to be charged as it is charged.

This is because if the battery is lowered to the ground, it is mistakenly assumed that all the charged power is completely absorbed by the earth.

It was submerged in the ground for 10 hours from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, but when tested again, it was found that not a single point of the specified voltage was exhausted.

It is a practical experiment.

Depletion of power due to the weak wet ground does not touch the two positive (+ -) positive and negative battery poles.

1. Light

2. sound

3. Heat

4. Magnet

5. Reluctant movement

6. Leakage of lead in the battery

Only one of the above six points will drain the battery. Otherwise, it is guaranteed that the battery will never run out, even if it is left on the ground.

I left it on overnight without removing the plug, but I could not get it out again. I dropped the battery on the ground.

I was informed that I could not run out of energy even though I left it.