How Important Is Safe Mode?

I want to say that Safe Mode is really important. But I can not systematically explain that I am not a computer scientist. As far as I can see, Safe Mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows. There is something wrong with your computer? We do not know the problem. When Windows could not say for sure, we had to enter Safe Mode.

This means that in Safe Mode, Windows only accepts key system files, making it easier to find problems. That way, even if you can avoid the problem, you can still figure out why. For example, when you enter Safe Mode, you will see Repair Your Computer at the top. It will help you a lot to repair your computer. It shows you the System Recovery Options, especially for repairs. You can read it in the description. No more details. That’s it

Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging

Enable Low-Resolution Video (640X480)

Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)

Directory Services Restore Mode

Debugging Mode

Disable automatic restart on system failure

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