Find Out For Ourselves What’s Wrong With A Desktop

Experienced users may know if there is a computer problem, but inexperienced users may not know which area the computer problem is. It is written for those who want to know if they need it.

Check out RAM (Random Access Memory) is bad or not

RAM is a device that temporarily stores data to send computer activity to the CPU. If the RAM is bad, turn on the computer as soon as you turn it on T. T will be heard. Most motherboards have a small built-in speaker on board. If not, plug in your computer and listen. Sometimes RAM may run out. Uninstall RAM and try again. There are some things to keep in mind when removing RAM, so it is best to ask someone who understands to uninstall it.

Check out  CPU (Central Processing Unit) Good or bad

The CPU is an integral part of the computer. If the CPU is bad, power enters the motherboard, but it shuts down as soon as the computer is turned on. The CPU fan also shuts down. So remove the Heat Sink (CPU Fan) and turn on the computer without supporting the CPU. (Note: You need to be in a non-conductive position when not looking at the CPU). It is best to have a professional repair it for you.

Check out  VGA (Video Graphic Array)

VGA is a device used to display images on a monitor, usually built-in on the motherboard. If the VGA card is bad, it will sound like T.

Check out the power supply is bad or not

The power supply is mainly used to power a computer. To find out if the power supply is bad, connect one of the green wires on the power supply to any black wire and plug in the light.

Check out HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

An HDD is a device that is needed to run an operating system and store data. HDDs generally have an IDE port (5400 RPM) and a SATA port (7200 RPM). If you run multiple power outages per minute and experience frequent power outages, the HDD will suffer from Crank (Platter and Arm alignment) when the process is very time-consuming. When the operating system is running. The computer hangs while transferring data. If you have a bad sector, you can use tools to fix it, but if you have a crank, it is not easy to fix it. Listen to the speed of the HDD. If the volume is too loud, the HDD will not be good. Therefore, you should defragment your HDD regularly about once a month.

Check out CD drive is good or bad

CD Driver (Optical Disc Drive) Download software from CD / DVD discs. Install windows Listen to music Watch stories It will burn the discs. This dive is about watching stories for a long time. Listen to music It can be easily damaged if used for a long time. So even if you have to use a disc, you have to copy it to your computer first and watch the story. Listening to music. You should practice copying software first.

Check if MotherBoard is good or bad

The motherboard is the direct and indirect connection of the most essential devices in a computer to run the entire computer. If the motherboard is bad, there is a light on the motherboard. If a fire enters the board, it is usually considered good, but if the South Bridge Chipset or North Bridge Chipset is not really good, the board will not load. If not here’s a new product just for you! It cannot be accepted to the end. This is because the board does not work even if the CPU dies.

At this point, you can understand a little bit.