What Happens If You Turn On The Hard Disk Drive?

After all, I had to make sure that the hard disks were buzzing in front of me. What I am going to explain now is knowledge. Do not try at all. But do not try to be like me. If you say no, Satisfied people know that they will give it a try if they do it right. So what I’m going to explain in Part 6 is what we’ll do when we turn on the Hard Disk Drive.

I want to open and close the hard disk drive that we use on our computers. If possible, “Bye Bye” would be like that. “I’m just saying,” Let’s show up a lot of times, so as a matter of fact, as the saying goes, as a plural form, let’s get started. Hard drives are very sensitive. Circular plates are usually made of aluminum or glass. Data storage is at the top as a thin layer. These plates are often called platters. The fact that these disks are running 4200 to 15,000 times a minute is one of the reasons why hard drives are so sensitive. An invisible particle of dust can become like a cyclone to the platters. “Bye Bye” can show our precious data.

Okay, here’s what to complain about. So do not do it in a dusty place. Do it in a dust-free room. Can I have it? Okay. No, sir. Why? Tell me how clean the room is. The amount of dust in the atmosphere is in the hundreds of millions. If you do not believe me, try to light a lamp in the dark. Try it with a laser. If you can still see the light, there is still dust. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. There are many things smaller than him. So how do companies make these hard disk drives? If so, how? Class 100 Room (also known as Lab); It includes repairs,၊ Install They do the removal.

Class 100 Room (Lab) is a very clean room with less than 100 particles. That’s what they do. Therefore, if you want to renovate, you should only hire specialists who will work in those rooms. Instead, do it yourself in a Do It Yourself (DIY) way. I was given a death certificate. He was sent to the grave. It is the same as the death sentence.