Stripes Appear On The Computer Screen

1. Are the streaks caused by software? Make sure the monitor is not working properly.

If the streak appears on all windows and on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (if not as shown), it is due to the monitor and not to the software.

2. Move the monitor. If the stripes move along, it may be because the cable connecting the monitor and motherboard is loose.

3. If the streak does not disappear on the monitor and is always visible, connect it to an external monitor and set it as the mirror of the original desktop.

4. As you can see on the external monitor, the only problem is the laptop (desktop) monitor.

5. If there is a streak on the external monitor, then your video card already has a problem.

If you need to replace your video card, call a professional. Although these problems occur, most files will not be damaged. However, back up your files frequently so that they do not get corrupted for any reason.