Car Maintenance Tips

Modern cars are controlled by computer systems, as well as sophisticated ignition and injection systems. Take the time to have a really skilled engineer check it out.

(1) Getting out of the car consumes more fuel than getting out slowly. Change your driving style You can just save oil.

(2) A dirty air filter reduces engine performance. If the air filter is dirty, it is easy to detect, easy to replace and inexpensive.

(3) If the engine cooling system fails, tighten the leaking parts. Please replace it with a new one. Pressure tests can be performed to identify leaks.

(4) Repair a bad engine before winter. Resolve all engine problems before winter arrives.

(5) Check the heating system. Make sure the radiator is not leaking. Radiator and Heater Moly head; The hoses should be replaced.

(6) Find the fuse box and familiarize yourself with the fuse circuit. Also bring extra ampere fuses.

(7) It freezes in winter. Be sure to change the oil. Depending on the weather and your car type, add the right oil. It will be easy to wake up.

(8) Fill your windshield wiper with plenty of water. You have to use a lot in winter and early in the morning.

(9) Fill your car with Transmission, master cylinder, clutch cylinder and Washer Solvent Reservoir. Change the lubricant. Replace filters at times specified by your car manufacturer.

(10) Cleaning the entire fuel system can keep your engine running like new. Also pay attention to oil filters.

(11) It is the best time to check before the summer. Follow tire and car manufacturer instructions.

(12) Brakes should be checked twice a year. It should be checked before summer and before winter.

(13) Your car cooling system will drain the coolant at 30,000 miles. Or fill in the form specified by the manufacturer.

(14) Oil additives help your car engine to last longer. It also reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance.

(15) Engine coolant helps keep your engine radiator from freezing when it is too cold or too hot.

(16) Check the automatic transmission oil. It contains chemicals that prevent gear leaks and prevent jagging.

(18) Lubricant must be changed according to the frequency specified by your car manufacturer.

(19) Wipers must be able to clean the entire glass with three swings. If you can not wash the windshield wipers, replace them.